The Main Reasons of Declining Educational Standards

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The main reasons of declining educational standards at
secondary level in Karachi, Pakistan
Waqar-un-Nisa Faizi*, Anila Fatima Shakil and Farida Azim Lodhi Department of Education, Jinnah University for Women Karachi, Pakistan. Accepted 24 November, 2010
The cause of this investigation was to identify the main reasons which decline the educational standards at secondary level in Karachi, Pakistan. It was carried out through survey. The population of the study was both “government and private” schools students and teachers. The views of male and female students and teachers were sought out. One hundred respondents were randomly selected. The questionnaire was used as a research instrument which was consisted of 25 items. Data collected on two point scale questionnaire and was analyzed by using percentage method. Majority of the respondents had the view that the existing ineffective curriculum and evaluation system are the main reasons of declining educational standards at secondary level in Karachi, Pakistan. Many of the respondents stated that imperfect administration along with bad inspection system became its reasons. Short number of respondent opinioned that improper health facilities, lack of co-curricular activities and outmoded teaching methods caused the sub standard education. Key words: Secondary level, standards, curriculum, evaluation system, co-curricular activities and teaching methods.

The education is becoming one of the defining
enterprises of the 21st century with the emergence of
globalization and increasing global competition. Aslam
(2005) describes that in the fast changing and
competitive world, education and technology are the
master keys for respectable survival and progress of
Pakistan. Pakistan is determined to respond positively to
emerging needs, opportunities and challenges of
globalization. Education is being considered a key to
change and progress. Progress and prosperity of the
country depends on the kind of education that is provided
to the people. This study was designed to explain and
highlight the standards of education at secondary level in
Karachi. Educational standards present criteria by which
judgments can be made by state and local school
personnel and communities, helping them to decide
which curriculum, laws of administration, health program,
staff development activity and assessment program is
appropriate. Educational standards encourage policies
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
that will bring coordination, consistency, and coherence
to the improvement of the process of education. They
allow everyone to move in the same direction, with the
assurance that the risks they take in the name of
improving education will be supported by policies and
practices throughout the system. JavaScript (story print)
(2004) evaluated that Academic standards describe what
students should know and be able to do in the core
academic subjects at each grade level. Content
standards describe basic agreement about the body of
education knowledge that all students should know.
Performance standards describe what level of
performance is good enough for students to be described
as advanced, proficient, below basic, or by some other
performance level.
Usually educational standard stands for quality of
education. Quality has been the goal of an eternal quest
through the corridors of human history. It has been the
divining force of all human endeavors. Concerning
standard or quality of education the Marmar (2005) clears
that defining quality of education is a challenge since it
deals with the most sensitive creation on earth, the
human beings. Industrial products are finished goods, buteducation has no such finished product, nor even the graduates. Educational standards of Pakistan have been
a burning issue among the educationalists since...
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