The Main Characteristics of Romanesque Art

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The main characteristics of

Romanesque art:

simple compositions and very linear, elongated designs There is very little sign of figurative imagery or any effort towards naturalistic depiction. characteristics were meant to inspire the viewer to devout, religiously inspired awe and fear of the Creator and of course, of His representation here on earth in the body of the Holy Church religious devotion- scenes of hellish creatures and tormented bodies abound Romanesque art was seen as crude in most later periods important revival of monumental forms, notably sculpture and fresco painting, It was expressed in terms of a direct and naive observation of certain details drawn from daily life and a heightened emphasis on emotion and fantasy


Gothic art told a narrative story through pictures, both Christian and secular. style that is more somber, dark and emotional than in the previous period Gothic period was practiced in 4 primary crafts: frescos, panel paintings, manuscript illumination and stained glass Gothic art and architecture consisted primarily of religious works and was characterized by arches, stained glass, and illuminated manuscripts. Artists and master builders saw divine order in geometric relationships and expressed these n their art. Like Romanesque imagery, aimed to instruct and persuade the viewer however its effects are more varied and subtle it incorporates a wide range of subjects drawn from the natural world. To create effects of light and color they constructed ever-larger buildings with higher vaults and thinner walls that permitted soft sheen of mural paintings. Church used gold, enamels and gems on alters

Begin in France and England it spread throughout Europe.

High renaissance art and Early Italian

oThey now had the tools, technology, training and confidence to go their own way, secure in the knowledge that what they were doing was as good - or better - than anything that had been done before. oPeople believe that the conception of a painting, sculpture or work of architecture was a liberal rather than a manual art oNude figures in foreshortened poses

oexhibits an astounding mastery, both technical and aesthetic oThe "Early Renaissance" was all about Florence
oItalians used proportions, perspective and use of lighting in art. oThe focus of most art remained religious
oAnatomically correct but idealized figures perfected, generic types set within a rationally rather than intuitively, defined space. Organized through the use of linear perspective. oRenaissance art in Italy serve the glory of God

oEarly renaissance art use religious art for private as well as public also bellini painted nature illustrates realism oFascination with complex symbolism in religious art, belliini unites old and new testament themes


legs too long, arms and neck
colors are usually cool tones or metallic
they like to show expense things
a lot of time they are confusing or unclear symbolizes art concerned with beauty for its own sake
Sophisticated, elegant, exaggerated poses mysterious gestures and expressions. Some artists favored obscure unsettling and often erotic imagery unusual colors and juxtapositions and deep secondary scenes. Sculpture is often small in size and made from precious metals exaggerated body forms and displays extraordinary technical skill.

Early and high german art

•Landscape with or without figures was an important new category of imagery •powerfully realistic works, particularly in wooden altarpieces •Manuscript illumination and fresco painting declined as stained glass technique and panel painting became highly developed. •developed a more individual style, characterized by delicate and curving lines

Renaissance- rebirth...
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