The Main Arguments of Evolution Theory

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International Management
Prof. dr. Niels Noorderhaven Lecture 1

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Introduction and organizational matters Does “international” still matter? Conceptual foundations of international business strategy (1)

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Case: Honda in the USA Literature: Textbook chapter 1 (pp 13-33 + 59-62)


Niels Noorderhaven


Fons Naus

Ana Aranda Gutierrez

Zhengyu Li

Teaching strategy
• Complementarity of lectures – readings • Individual case participation • Each lecture, one or several cases from the book will be expanded to put the theory into practice • Importance of research articles

• 70% MC exam – See Study manual for correction formula • Exam dates December 13, 2012 and April 12, 2013 • 30% 2 Interactive lectures – individual participation • Interactive lectures grades of 2010 and 2011 can be transferred


Does “international” still matter?


Transportation & communication costs fall

17 September 2012


Tariffs fall, anti-dumping measures rise anti-

17 September 2012


Globalization Theory:
• Linguistic, trade and cultural barriers become less important • ‘Stateless’ MNCs • Within MNCs worldwide diffusion of technologies, knowledge and information Convergence of world economies

17 September 2012


Why is nationality important to people?
• Individual identity and social identity • Three processes of social identity formation: • social categorization • social comparison • social identification

• (Self-)categorization: what is the salient category?

17 September 2012


Why is nationality important to people?
• Positive stereotyping of “in-group”, negative stereotyping of “out-group” • Nationality differences are particularly salient when people have no common history • Nationality then becomes a source for one’s own identity and for the ascribed identity of the other

17 September 2012


Does “international” still matter?
Yes, because ....
• Cultural , institutional and language differences persist • Leading to differences in (business) decision making • Nationality forms an important basis for social categorization processes • Leading to shortcuts like cultural attribution and stereotyping With the effect that doing business across borders is different than domestic business 13

Conceptual foundations of international business strategy


Definition of international business strategy
International business strategy means effectively and efficiently matching a multinational enterprise’s (MNE’s) internal strengths (relative to competitors) with the opportunities and challenges found in geographically dispersed environments that cross international borders. Such matching is a precondition to creating value and satisfying stakeholder goals, both domestically and internationally.


• Introduction and overview of the book’s framework • Part one: Core concepts (1) Conceptual foundations of international business strategy (2) The critical role of firm-specific advantages (3) The nature of home country location advantages (4) The problem with host country location advantages (5) Combining firm-specific advantages and location advantages in an MNE network


• Part two: Functional issues (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) International innovation International sourcing and production International finance International marketing Managing managers in the multinational enterprise


• Part three: Dynamics of global strategy (11) Entry mode dynamics 1: foreign distributors (12) Entry mode dynamics 2: strategic alliance partners (13) Entry mode dynamics 3: mergers and acquisitions (14) The role of emerging economies (15a) International strategies of corporate social responsibility (15b) International strategies of environmental sustainability

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