The Maiden with a Wooden Bowl

Topics: Marriage, Family, Mother Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: August 22, 2012
The Maiden with the Wooden Bowl

Once upon a time there was an old couple who lived with their only daughter who has a remarkable charm and beauty. One day her mother told her that she may follow her father in heaven. After that her mother told her that she must hide her beauty, because men could be tempted by her beauty and charm. And in order to hide her beauty her mother told her that she must wear a wooden bowl.

Few days passed the maiden had no choice but to work at the rice field in order for her to survive. As she work people do matter why does she wear a wooden bowl. Some people says that her face must be ugly because of wearing a wooden bowl.

One day a rich farmer had noticed the maiden working on his rice fields. He was amazed by it's diligence and quickness and excellence the way she perform and do her task. And yet, he was pleased with that bent and busy little figure and doesn't matter why does the maiden wears a wooden bowl. Few days later the end of the harvest came as well as the winter season. And because of being amaze by the maiden he offered the maiden an anxious to do a service and the become an inmate of his house. Then the farmer told the maiden that his wife is ill and he wanted to nurse his wife by the maiden. And the maiden accept the offer of the farmer. And yet, the maiden tented the sick wife of the farmer with tender love and care. Because of the farmer and his wife had no daughter they took the maiden as their own child.

One day the only son of the farmer returned to his old home. He was a young guy with pleasing personality and studied much in gay Kyoto, and adapted his merry life . One day the young guy came to his father and said "who is the maiden who wears the ugly black bowl?", then the father told the sad story of the maiden. And as the days come and passed by the guy soon noticed that he had fall for the maiden.The next day, the guy asked the maiden to marry him. But the maiden rejected and refused...
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