The Maguindanao Massacre

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  • Published: August 14, 2010
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This study aimed to answer the following questions.
What is the present situation of the peace and order in the Philippines particularly in Maguindanao? What are the actions made by the government to the following: Persons affected by the massacre
To the place itself (Maguindanao)
What are the effects of Maguindanao Massacre to the tourism industry?

The researchers used a descriptive method as the study refers to the data analysis that will be applied to it and they’ve gathered data that describe events, tabulate & describes the data collection. Since qualitative approach was used the researchers gathered more information using the help of internet, television & radio news reports and some reliable news papers. They’ve selected a certain group of officials that are involved to the incident and gave them survey questions which were discussed and tabulated to get a uniform set of results in order to get all needed and useful information about the study. The survey was conducted with a minimum of 100 people from DOT, PNP, AFP Hotels in Manila and some selected airlines in the Philippines. Each of them was given 20 survey questionnaires in order to have a determined and broad perspective on the development of the study.


1.On the study regarding Maguindano massacre, the present situation of the peace and order in Maguindanao is that the people and the place itself still needs additional assistance. 2.The result on the study made by the researchers on what are the actions made by the government to the persons affected and to the place itself, Maguindanao, is the declaration of martial law but then people were not satisfied by the actions made by the government. People believe that the rules should be revise to prevent such incident. 3.The effects of Maguindanao massacre to the Tourism Industry are the cancellations of bookings in Airline and Hotels, the travel advisory not to visit the...
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