The Magnificent Earth

Topics: Earth, Sun, Planet Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The Magnificent Earth
In the solar system, the earth, was made to work properly, and in addition, to have the ability to allow humans to inhabit on it. Being the only planet that humans are able to live on, God have designed and made the magnificent earth genuinely. First, there's the protected atmosphere that's poisonous in every way, but gratefully placed up in the sky, ten miles above the surface, made from the significant element— oxygen, lacking elsewhere in the solar system. Secondly, the earth is tilted at the angle of 23.5 degrees, the perfect angle to create in order to be gifted with seasons and years. Finally, there is the orderly world; created to work like a clock, that the exact time of the next appearance of a comet, or even the exact time of everyday 's sunrise, sunset, highest and lowest tide can be calculated. God had made earth in perfection with great care and genuine in order for his children to live. Oxygen, a significant element lacking elsewhere in the solar system. However, our atmosphere has 21% the life-giving element, but there is no oxygen on the moon, or any other planets! Without oxygen, we can't survive. Because the sun emits ultraviolet light off, we are in danger. It has so much energy, so much, that it is deadly and would kill all of life. To not have His children be slaughtered by this harmful light, God made a layer of protection called “ozone”. This ozone, is made from oxygen. Normally, molecules of oxygen in the atmosphere have two atoms of oxygen; however; the ozone's molecules have three atoms of oxygen! Absorbing the ultraviolet light, the ozone made protects us. Although the ozone may protect us, it it poisonous. Thankfully it has been placed ten miles above the earth's surface, where it can absorb and filter out light without messing the earth up. So, overall, the ozone is perfect. It keeps out the killer UV light and lets the life-giving visible light pass through for the benefit of plants and animals. Ozone had been...
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