The Magician

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Journey to dream
Junhao Zhong The bedroom is full of the famous magician posters, two beds in a small room makes room even more smaller, different kinds of magic props and all the magic formulas are scattering on the floor without any order. The room is dark, only one weak unstable candle’s light shinning on the broken table. Some old magic trick books are placed on the small shelf. ‘’We did a good job at this magic show, aren’t we?’’ Tatuko said with a big smile. ‘’ Yes, we are close to our dream! Go to the world magic show, and we will travel all around the world, and have our own magic shows.’’ Jay-Z said it with holding a cigarette. They packed up their props and walked back to their home. ‘‘Don’t you think we should move to a nice place, this house is too old, it’s more like a basement, we aren’t mice, we are going to be a world famous magic couple! We deserve to have a beautiful house, and enjoy our life.’’ Jay-Z said it with expectation. ‘‘Listen, we did good job on this show, but it doesn’t mean we can spend those money to buy a new house, don’t you remember we need to save all the money for our dream?’’ Tatuko explained to Jay-Z. ‘’Ho...yea, we should save our money for the dream.’’ Jay-Z seems like a little upset. Tatuko realized it, she comforted him, ‘’we can have a beautiful house when we complete next magic show in Shanghai.’’ Shanghai is a famous city in 30s, it had a fancy name called Eastern Paris. All the famous actress wanted go there because the economic was top of Asia. The city was bustling with noise and excitement, especially at the night, all city looks like a shining jewels in a dark hole. Rich high classes people went to club to watch and enjoy the shows, poor people could only stay at their home or work. It was an extreme disparity between rich and poor society. Full of the females wanted to marry with a rich man, it’s the lust for been rich. Jay-Z and Tatuko tidied their props and clothes to Shanghai. On the road, they talked about how the show is going to be, and the detail of all the magic tricks. Maybe they were tired, they only chatted about ten minutes, then they both fall in sleep. ‘‘Hey hey hey, are

Journey to dream
Junhao Zhong you alive? It’s Shanghai now! I still have other business to do! Hurry hurry hurry.’’ the driver shout to Jay-Z. Jay-Z opened his eyes unruffled and said, ‘’oh... we are sorry, we just had a tired work yesterday night. How much is it?’’ ‘‘Six silver dollar, but we seems have the same dream i think, so five silver dollar will be fine.’’ ‘‘Your dream is being a magician too? What happened to your dream, why are you driving now instead of playing magic?’’ ‘’I couldn’t make any money by doing inexpertly magic tricks, so i decided to changed a job that can earn money easier than magic show. I hope you can success with your wife.’’ Er leaved after he finished his sentence. Tatuko awaked up and saw she was setting on a stone chair, and Jay-Z was smoking beside her looking towards the sky, seems like thinking something deeply. He still didn’t realized Tatuko was already woke up. He was thinking what Er said before, it sounds like very difficult to survive in this city by doing tricks. ‘‘Hey what are you thinking about? Let’s go find a cheap hotel to stay one night, and prepare our first city talent show. I’m already excited!’’ Tatuko hugged Jay-Z from back. Jay-Z shake his head and said ‘‘yeah, we need work hard, it’s not easy to make people happy in a big city.’’ They found a small inn near the bar, the inn was cheap, but condition was much better than their old house, there was light on the path to their room, and there also had a public shower room. ‘‘See, what a great room it is. Here is much better than our old house, there are windows on the wall, and we don’t even need to light our candles any more. Outside are always light.’’ Jay-Z was very excited. ‘’we will buy a house like this. No better than this after we complete our shows!’’ ‘‘Yeah it sounds great, so let’s...
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