The Magical Forest


Along time ago, there was a very thick forest untouched by the modernization in the highlands of Mindanao. Trees were tall, flowers fully bloomed and animals wandered freely in the area. That was my favorite place, a haven of my solitary life. My name is Fulong and I belong to a B’laan tribe in the highlands of South Cotabato. My mother is one of the dream weavers in our town. When I was young, I was very shy that I resorted to be in the forest, a place which comforted me and eased my difficulty in dealing with other people. In there, I learned to commune with nature and to talk with the animals. I believed that D’wata guided me! The D’wata is the protector of the forest. She has a very a sweet voice that could lull you into sleep when you heard her singing in the forest. One day while I was walking in the forest, I met Miss Snake. Miss Snake was the most seductive snake I’ve ever seen in my whole life. “Hello, Miss Snake! I haven’t seen you for a while. Where have you been?” “Hello, Fulong! I just wandered around the forest and up here, I saw a very beautiful plains! I wish to be there! “No! Don’t ever do that Miss Snake! You will just endanger your life there! People are afraid of you. They might kill you!” Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Wild cat appeared. Mr. Wild Cat was the most fearful cat I’ve met in the forest. He was so afraid again that time. “What in the world are you doing with that ugly snake! Keep her away! “No! She won’t because she’s my friend. Am I Miss Snake? “Yes! Don’t be afraid of me Mr. Wild Cat. I won’t harm you! “Prrrrr! I won’t go down there to be sure!

“Okay, Okay! That’s enough! What brought you here, Mr. Wild Cat? “I want to inform you that D’wata and the l’nilong (the fairies) are discouraged about your fellow B’laans. They’re destroying the forest! “Ohh! What will I do now?”

“Well, Fulong my friend! You need to speak up and inform them! Be confident!”
At that instance, D’wata appeared and in...
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