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The Machine That Change the World

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The Machine That Change the World

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At the beginning of the book, the author explains the meaning of lean, mass, and craft production humanity started with craft production at first, which its characteristics were: ◊Workers were highly skilled. They learned and improved their craft skills, so that they became self-employed contractors to assembler firms. ◊Organizations were decentralized but most parts of the car came from small machine shops and they were owner coordinated the systems with the customers, employers, and suppliers. ◊There was a low production of vehicles a year, they were costumed made so they had different design, and the ones that used de same designs, were also different due to craft techniques which naturally produced variations. ◊They used a general machine that could multi-task jobs of drilling, grinding, and any other operations required to model metal and wood. The problem of craft production or of any customer made products is that it too expensive, so in respond if this Henry Ford created mass production. It´s base in the assembly line technique, which became possible due to the interchangeability, simplicity, and the easy design of attaching parts to each other. Ford also made the workforce interchangeable, it didn’t matter if the workers spoke another language each one of them had only one simple task to perform they didn't have to care about anything else not even understand what the workers on either side of him were doing. By this professional were assigned to other tasks like quality inspector, the housekeeper, and the rework specialist, in addition to the foreman and the industrial engineer for suggestions and improvements. Ford's tools were useful thanks to their accuracy and automation, but they had a problem that they could only produce a single kind of item. So, when the factory needed different part because the specification had changed, Ford used to got rid of the machinery along with the model. Its popularity was...

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