The Lying Game

Topics: Kurt Vonnegut, Sibling, Twin Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Title: The Lying Game
Author: Sara Sheperd
Pages read: 307
Pages in book: 307

1. Main Characters:
A) Emma- Emma has a long-lost twin sister, Sutton, who is dead. Emma is very curious and cautious. She is impersonating Sutton because Sutton’s killer is forcing her to.

B) Sutton- Emma is Sutton’s long-lost/ dead twin sister. Sutton was high maintenance, curious, sometimes cruel, and gets jealous pretty easily.

2. Minor Characters:
A) Laurel- Laurel is Sutton’s adoptive little sister. Laurel is shady and wants to be like Sutton.
B) Ethan- Emma has a crush on Ethan. Ethan is a very awkward person, and is shy, a bit of a loner, and is one of the weird guys at school.

3. A) Time: present
B) Place: Tucson, Arizona
C) Importance of Setting: The setting is important because of the physical features and it is a busy city.

4. Summary:

I read The Lying Game by Sara Sheperd. It is about a pair of long-lost twin sisters, Emma and Sutton, who planned to meet but never got the chance to. Emma and Sutton arrange to meet in Tucson, Arizona where Sutton lives. Emma shows up on time, but Sutton doesn’t show up because she has kidnapped and killed; Sutton’s friends think that Emma is Sutton and take her to a party where she begins to impersonate Sutton. The next day Emma gets a note from Sutton’s killer that says that Sutton is dead and that Emma will be next if she doesn’t keep being Sutton. Everyday Emma finds out something new & cruel that Sutton had done. For example, she found out that Sutton was part of a group called the Lying Game; the Lying Game is a club made up of Sutton and her friends, the objective is to play harsh pranks on each other. Emma fells threatened and is suspicious that Laurel or Sutton’s friends killed Sutton. Emma is forced to tell...
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