The Lucid Eye in Silver Town

Topics: New York City, Hotel, New York Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: May 30, 2013
This extract is taken from one of the most famous stories, written by J. Updike, which is called “The lucid Eye in Silver Town”. This extract presents a piece of narration which is intercepted with the dialogue between the main characters. This extract can be divided into two logically connected parts. The first part describes the events before the accident with the eye and the second part of the extract describes what’s happened after it. It is very difficult to understand the main idea of the whole story having read only this extract but we can guess that there are three main characters in the centre of narration. This extract tells of thirteen-year-old Jay August’s one-day visit to New York City from the perspective of his adult self. Quincy is unsure of the location of a good New York bookstore, having been gone from the city for most of the past fifteen years, but he directs the taxi driver to Forty-Second Street and Sixth Avenue. Arriving there, the driver lets his passengers out near a small park. Jay finds the park inviting, with its pigeons and benches and “office girls in their taut summer dresses,” and leads his father and uncle into the grounds. Standing in the park, looking up at the New York skyline, Jay suddenly feels something “sharp and hard” fall into his eye. Seeing the boy’s distress, Martin suggests he and Quincy take Jay out of the wind; perhaps he can find whatever has fallen into his son’s eye. Quincy, however, insists that they return to the hotel and find a doctor to examine Jay’s eye. Reluctantly, Martin defers to his brother. Arriving at the hotel, Jay is embarrassed as he is herded through the lobby by his father and his uncle. He tries to look “passably suave” even though his eye is shut and his face is probably red. Jay is appalled when his father shares his plight with an “old bum” in the lobby: “Poor kid got something in his eye.” Back in the hotel room, Quincy calls for a doctor. With...
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