The Lowest Animal

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Slavery Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: December 12, 2012
He ridicules his claim, the Descent of Man from Higher Animals, by presenting humans’ wrongdoings to bring about change to mankind. In The Lowest Animal, Twain is right with his claim that humans are patriotic, religious and slothful but good deeds shouldn’t be overlooked and humanity shouldn’t be generalized by the actions of the few. Twain asserts that humans tend to fight over the differences of their political and theological beliefs. “When I came back to note results, the cage of Higher Animals was all right, but in the other there was but a chaos of gory odds and ends of turbans and fezzes and plaids and bones and flesh-not a specimen left alive” (473). He proves in this quote that humans are very patriotic and religious but since there are several differences of each ones, they end up killing each other. History proves it as seen in the American Civil War that killed millions of lives because of the theological and political disagreements against slavery. Manifest Destiny is the belief that it was America’s God-given right to expand land. It boosted the urge of northern and southern states to outnumber each other. The attack at Fort Sumter sparked this and thus, this marked the beginning of a horrible war that left a big mark in U.S. History. Because there are different religions and philosophies, the arguments to defend for whichever they believe is right lead to misunderstandings. In worse cases, people end up killing each other. Therefore, humans go extreme with regards of political and theological aspects. Twain also pointed out laziness as part of humans’ nature. “He has always been a slave in one form or another, and has always held other slaves in bondage under him in one way or another.   In our...
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