The Lovely Bones

Topics: The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold, Death Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Lovely Bones
The book, The Lovely Bones is written by Alice Sebold. I am on page 200.Susie Salmon, fourteen years old girl, a narrator of the story was murdered on December 6, 1973. She was murdered by Mr. Harvey, a neighborhood, who liked by both of her parents, Jack Salmon, and Abigail Salmon. His father begins his own investigation of the murder after disagree with detective Len Fenerman. Ray Singh, the only boy Susie kissed before her death. Susie Salmon is now in the heaven, meeting her roommate, Holly, and Franny, intake counselor of earth as her guide. She is watching down the Earth with witness but she couldn’t help out to her family as she is in a Heaven and no one able to listen her. Q.Here is an interesting quote “How to commit the perfect murder was an old game in heaven. I always choose the icicle: the weapon melts away.” Page. 125. I think this quote shows how Susie is rudimentarily a very compassionate girl. Susie was killed and now she is in heaven. She would choose the icicle, but not the weapons because it wouldn’t hurt anyone. Ironically, it is the icicle that Susie used to frighten Mr. Harvey into falling into a deep narrow valley where he dies. ASusie Salmon, fourteen years old girl, was raped and murdered by her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. She was dead since December 6, 1973. Now she is in heaven. The detective, Len Fenerman is the in-charge of Susie’s case, found Susie’s elbow. Later that day the police try digging of the cornfield, although the rain and snow screwed of their crime scene. Jack salmon is convinced of Mr. Harvey’s guilt and he calls the police constantly. Eventually, Len Fenerman tells him to stop because there is no evidence to accuse Harvey. The murder case of Susie is unsolved; Len Fenerman and Abigail Salmon started their affair. Disagree with Len Fenerman, Jack salmon start his investigation of Susie’s death. C.After reading the book The Lovely Bones, it keeps helping me to remember about the incident that happened on...
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