The Love – Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by: T.S Eliot

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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When we first read “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” I expected a poem somewhat remotely related to what the title is called – a love song. Instead, the word ‘love’ is never used or is referred to as a typical romanticism you would normally find in a love poem. This poem is about a man, Alfred Frufrock, reflecting on what he was doing in his life and questioning what he should have done. The depressing thing is that he is an old man and still has not gone out with a women more then once. I felt sympathetic towards Alfred Prufrock because he is not courageous enough to do anything; he presents himself as one who cannot make up his mind and over thinks things. Therefore, he is unable to tell a woman of his desire for her. He has a somewhat unproductive, bleak life and has a lack of willpower and boldness to change that life. He is too afraid to do anything about it because he is afraid that he will "disturb the universe". He is too self conscious and assumes the outcome of situations before they even happen. His lack of confidence and boldness can be relatable to many people who desire someone but cannot find a way to express them because they are afraid of being rejected. I think like many people, he needs advice form someone that sometimes you just need to let things be the way it is and go with the flow and not worry too much, otherwise you will get no where in life, like the direction he is already going into. He seems to have given up about expressing himself to a woman which is upsetting because it just means that he has accepted that he will not achieve his dreams of romance. Overall, this poem is really depressing and just shows you that when you don’t take a chance in the moment you will be old and hopeless.
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