The "Love" of Romeo and Juliet

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The “love” of Romeo and Juliet
In the play there are many different arguments about whether or not Romeo and Juliet are in love or not. In the play it looks as if Romeo and Juliet are madly in love for each other but Shakespeare wanted the reader to debate on whether or not they were in love. In the play Romeo and Juliet are not actually in love because they are both only physically attracted to each other because they don’t know each other that well. People in the time of Shakespeare didn’t really look at the inner beauty of another person but only looked at the outer beauty. This is true for the play of Romeo and Juliet because the love of Romeo and Juliet is not real because it is love at first sight. Romeo and Juliet are not in love because in the beginning of the play Romeo was seen crying over Rosaline who he “loved” so dearly but when he went to the Capulet party he saw Juliet in which he fell in love with immediately. Romeo changes his feelings quickly which shows that he can never be sure about who he actually loves. Romeo loves for looks and he describes love as if it were only pain and sorrow. In the beginning of the play when Romeo cannot be found in the morning Montague says that he saw Romeo, “Adding to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs”(I. i. 136). In the start of the play Romeo is nowhere to be found because he is busy crying and being sad over Rosaline
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