The Love of Nature in Britain

Topics: Cruelty to animals, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Animal welfare Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: April 18, 2011
The love of nature in Britain

Most of the British live in towns and cities.

They have an idealized vision of the countryside.
no negative associations (e.g. poor facilities, lack of educational opportunities etc.) •peace, quiet, beauty, good health and no crime
Ideally a village would consist of “thatched cottages” built around the “village green” (This is only a stereotypical picture.) •Represents stability

This love of the countryside is another aspect of British conservatism.

1.National parks
Large areas of the country
Almost no building is allowed

2.Ramblers’ Association
Thousands of enthusiastic country walkers
Maps of the routes of public footpaths
Walkers stay at youth hostels

3.Youth Hostels Association
A charity whose aim is to help to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside •Their hostels are cheap, self-consciously bare and simple •More than 300 hostels
Most of them in the middle of nowhere

One of the most popular hobbies
Allotments : areas of land which are rented by local authorities to people without garden in small parcels •Growing plants and vegetables

5.The National Trust
Officially recognized charity whose aim is to preserve as much of Britain’s countryside and as many its historical buildings as possible. •1.5 million members
The largest conservation organization in the world
The 3rd largest landowner in Britain (after the Crown and the Forestry Commission)

6.The love of animals as part of the British love of nature •Animal graveyards e.g. Rossendale Pet Cemetery in Lancashire •Decent burials
Nearly half of the households: at least one domestic pet •Wildlife programmes are by far the most popular kind of TV documentary •“Birdtables” in gardens
Special hospitals for injured wild animals (e.g. St Tiggywinkles) •Thousand of people: bird-watchers ( try to get a glimpse of some rare species)

7.RSPCA : The Royal Society for the...
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