The Love of My Life

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To the love of my life,
I had done a rough draft and just thought the words would just flow on the paper, and some of them did. It's the middle of December and just a couple more days away from Christmas. I'm so not looking to Christmas this year only because, to tell you the truth I'm kind of sad you're away and not here in Florida to spend some of the holiday with me. I wish I were able to express how i feel about you all in one letter, but my love for you keeps progressing each and every day. It's going to last a lifetime now being with you. You mean the world to me and I honestly don't give a shit what anyone thinks. What's important to me right now, is how much I love you and how amazing you make me feel.

A secret, I'm going to let you in on is, before I met you, I rarely kept a smile or a positive expression on my face and now that you're in my life I can't stop smiling, and I can't stop being happy. I've never wanted someone so much, and I have never ever loved like this. You are the only one who is capable of knowing how much I love you. What I'm trying to really say is, is that no one will love like I do. I sometimes look at people, and look at couples and often realize that when they say "I love you" most of the time they don't even mean it. Either they're too young to even know what it means, or they're just plain immature. I know what love is. You're my love, you're my everything, and you have no idea how long I've waited for you.

Love is such an amazing feeling and I wish I could show you right now what it means to me and how it feels.

Baby, I wish I could go on forever with this love letter to you but then I would just put the rest of our lives to waste.. I want to save some for the future. Just like I am going to wait for your romantic comments. I want you to know how much I love you. We have such a great connection with one another it's really easy to tell you things and sometimes think in a different way (not that I would...
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