The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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ENGL 102 : Literature and Composition

Fall B 2011

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In this paper, we are going to carry out a reflexion about the characters in two stories : “The Destructors,“ by Graham Greene and “The Lottery,“ by Shirley Jackson. We are going to identify the main characters and point out their qualities, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. In this way, we will compare the two stories based upon their characters. Leading or Following the Group

Paper # 1
In a story, the main character is usually the one around whom the plot revolves, his adventures, feelings, and motivations. In “The Destructors,“ by Graham Greene, the main character is Trevor, an evolving leader of a gang located in London. He decides to break into Mr. Thomas’ house and to destroy everything in it. According to the other story, “The Lottery,“ by Shirley Jackson, the main character, Mrs. Hutchinson, participates in the traditonal village lottery where the « winner » gets stoned by the crowed. As we learn, these two characters are very atypical and differ in many points ; therefore, we first must analyse each characters’ qualities and behaviors, and then we will determine their roles within each stories. In “The Lottery,“ Mrs. Hutchinson, a housewife with three kids, is a normal person. She is not concerned and she tends to stay in the background without being really assertive. She is a simple inhabitant of a simple village who follows the traditions even though she does not really approve them. Mrs. Hutchinson’s characteristics are in perfect opposition to Trevors’ behavior. Trevor stands out of the gang. He remains sillent so as not to waste his words when he starts speaking, but when he opens his mouth to speak, everyone listens. In fact, he is really different from the rest of the gang. Even though he is a new recruit and he is different, he manages...
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