The Lost Tools of Education

Topics: Education, School, Computer Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: January 15, 2013
The Lost Tools of Education
by Jann Julia M. Dadivas
Modernization continues to evolve through technology. And while education, the vital social process by which the traditional aspects of a culture are transmitted to the emergent generation, copes up with modernization, it vies to evolve with it as well. But up to what extent has education been affected by technology and modernization? When formal education started to occur in classrooms, the first tools used to record lessons were sticks on sands and stylus on palm leaves. Later, slates were introduced to replace the former writing materials that did not aid learning. Slates were thin-plated, fine-grained rock, enclosed in a wood frame, designed for students to write on to and practice script. Then, in 1909, Mr. W. N. Ager proposed the abolition of slates for the reason that it did not preserve any of the students’ works. After the American Civil War, schools started to use pencils and papers instead of slates; which allowed students to record and retrieve their works. In the mid-20th century (1940-1945), the first digital computers were developed that made students see the world beyond the classroom; and in early 1980’s, the world witnessed the bringing forth of the now ubiquitous Personal Computers. In 1984, there was one computer for every 92 students. In 2009, computers led on to greater advancements. With the internet easily obtainable, PC’s became as common as the television in the household (Wikipedia). Today, there is computer for every student in American public school. With the IPAD’s and Tablet PC’s emerging in the digital market, there’s no stopping when it comes to the evolution of technology. And now that even students resort on to using these carry-on gadgets, such that general information can be easily accessed, schools have found a way to contend with these advancements in which education is concerned. With PDF (Portable Document Format) files that work with assistive technology to help make...
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