The Lost Daughter of China

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Karin Evans, author of The Lost Daughters of China, characterizes hope as a support system to overcome obstacles. Evans starts off her journey with her husband Mark on a search to adopt a daughter in China. She faces the obstacle that accompany with adoption agencies in the United States and in China while filling out tons of paperwork and having tons of patience to complete the process of adoption. Karin Evans’ patience led her to unite with her adopted daughter and gave her a new outlook on life. Evans journey in adopting her daughter from China and trying to reconnect the pieces of her daughter’s puzzle past strengthened Evans patience. While the government in China had control over laws about gender and the number of children born into families, Karin’s determination to adopt her daughter, showing that love exceeds all obstacles people may face in life.

First of all, Evan’s frustration with the adoption process taught her the gift of patience allowing her to realize that she could overcome anything with the love she had for her daughter. The adoption agency told Evans “the whole process would take about a year and cost around $15,000” (Evans 13). Although Evans was told about the frustration of paperwork ahead of time to know that the process of adopting a baby in China would not be easy, her love and desire to adopt overcame the amount of paperwork she had to fill out. Evan recalls learning “how much patience, acceptance, and trust was called for” (Evans 17). Even though having a thick folder filled with forms for a few months was discouraging, she learned about how much patience it would take to finally get to the day where she meets her daughter. Her love for her soon to be adopted daughter was already growing because she accepted the fact that the paperwork was an obstacle she had to encounter. Evan and her husband “entered the work of the waiting” (Evans 17). Even though she was filled with anticipation, she gained the patience of waiting. Evans joined...
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