The Lost Boy Book Report

Topics: Foster care, Child protection, Family Pages: 7 (2999 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Angela Alicea 11/6/2010 Child welfare

After reading a book called The Lost Boy: A Foster Child’s Search for the Love of Family, by Dave Pelzer, I learned even more about the child welfare system. While reading this book I grew very emotional at time, as well as some things bring me back to my childhood. The book discusses the abuse, torture, and life of this young child. This book also allowed me to visualize the affects the abuse had on this child’s mind. Through this essay I will discuss the roles and events that were played out in this book, as well discussing my personal thoughts. Throughout the semester we learned different things about the child welfare system. For example, we discussed the responsibilities of parents, and according to the textbook on page ten it discusses what these are. Parent’s responsibilities for a child are as follows, financial, provision of physical care, emotion, as well growth self discipline, guidance. As I read the book it clearly shows that Dave’s mother didn’t follow any of these responsibilities. After reading this book I am able to compare some events that occurred. One thing that I see that is similar to things that we discussed in class is the fact that many children are abused and cases fail to be filed for these children, until it is too late in some cases. In Dave Pelzer’s case he was abused for so long and many failed to notice for such a long time. Then finally school officials reported the abuse. This in fact was the right thing to do as mandated officials as we discussed in class. In class we discussed how and who are mandated officials and their role. So school officials come in and saved his life because any longer he probably would have died. Another concept discussed in class is how children want to be with parents no matter the circumstances. In the book several times has demonstrated this. For example, in the book it states “part of me didn’t want to leave her” (page 73). Another example is “I felt torn between my freedom and being separated from mother and the family ‘(page 74). We discussed this theory and as workers we try to work with the parents so children cans be placed back home. This was not the case for David though his best interest was not home. Throughout the book was moved from home to home until they found the permanent home for him , which in fact we discussed permanent placement for the child. Though there were events in the book similar to what we discussed in class, there were also differences. One difference was the fact that police were called to remove him from home instead of Protective Services. Normally the Protective Services Agency will do all the work that the officer did. Another event that occurred was the fact that his mother was allowed to go to his foster parent’s home. I would have thought that they would have kept her away being that she has such violent behavior toward Dave. When we discussed this in class it was said that parents were not to have contact with the kids when placed in care. Then another event was when Dave’s probation officer was trying so hard to find him a home and pleaded with Turnboug’s to allow him to stay. Then he said” he would just backlog the paper work. I know we discussed this and paper work is supposed to be done because it is very important. These are the differences between what the child welfare did in Dave Pelzer’s life and what was discussed in class. Aside from the child welfare system, Dave’s biological and foster parents played a role in his life. The role that they all played had an affect on him whether positive or negative. His mother played a huge role in Dave’s behavior. When his mother went to his first faster home and threatened him that played a role because that installed more fear in him. A fear that she would come and get him. Aside from fear she made him live with guilt, that everything is all his fault. For...
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