The Lost Boy

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  • Published : March 26, 2006
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Critic of Pelzer Book- The Lost Boy
The Lost Boy, a novel by David Pelzer, is the sequel to A Child Called It. As a young boy David is forced to bounce back and forth between five different foster homes. His only possessions were literally the torn and tattered clothes that were on his back. David's life has been a long, harsh and a cruel reality. David grew up in a home with an alcoholic, abusive and unloving mother, a father who refused to deal with his own sons' mistreatment, and brothers who saw David as the household maid. It wasn't until the love of a teacher that David finally escaped the physical and emotional abuse of his own mother. However, David's search for love and happiness was far from over. Everyday that he was in foster care he had to deal with the stereotypes of being a child without a home or family. David began to loose hope in his future and he lost all faith in ever being loved by a family. He was ashamed of himself and found it difficult to form friendships with other children. It took David five foster homes until he finally found a place where he felt loved and cared for as a person. He found this love and compassion in the arms of the Turnbough's, finally a real family. David went on to become a very responsible and motivated young man. He went on to obtain his high school G.E.D. and then proudly enlisting into the United States Air Force. After a visit from his mother at his foster home, David decides to take back all of the things he told Mrs. Gold about his mother. He lied and told her that all the stories about his mother beating him and mistreating him were untrue and that he really was a bad child. As much as Mrs. Gold tried to reassure him David continued to lie and yell at Mrs. Gold. "David, you have to understand that in a person's life there are a few precious moments in which decisions, choices that you make now, will effect you for the rest of your life" (57). After being around Ms. Gold David learned how to express...
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