The Los Angeles Lakers' History

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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The Los Angeles Lakers
Throughout this course we learned many facts about the Los Angeles Lakers that helped me better understand their history, business and social life. I think the Lakers have improved drastically in the past decades. By choosing the right players, coaches, and staff, they were able to move forward with their success. This is good to see because it is hard for any basketball team, such as the Lakers, to stay as one team. Not only did the Lakers become a better basketball team; they became successful economically as well. When they first started out as a team, the Lakers were located in Minneapolis. They were named the Lakers because Minneapolis is nicknamed “city of lakes” or “the land of a thousand lakes”. Minneapolis is a small town and back then, the team was worth about twenty million dollars. Now that they are in Los Angeles, one of the famous cities in California, a metropolitan city, they have a net worth of seven billion dollars. That is a drastic change in just thirty-three years. Their move to a better location indicates that it was a benefit for them. However, they do not stop making business even though they are very wealthy. Recently, the Lakers signed a contract with the Time Warner television. Now, the people from Los Angeles can watch the games on their local television. In addition to having a lot of money, their social life has become more popular throughout the decades. The Lakers have grown into becoming a better basketball team. In the beginning of the Lakers Era, the Lakers did not have a big name. It was not until “Showtime” when the Lakers got more popular. Showtime was the era when the Lakers’ court plays were fast paced led by Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy. As a result, they won five NBA Championships. Showtime attracted many fans and even got some big celebrities to come out and watch the Lakers play. This was one of the ways the Lakers got a lot of attention from the media....
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