The Lorax: Materialism and Capitalism in Society

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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The Movie The Lorax Compared to Materialism and Capitalism in Society Juliana Serpa
Merced College

The movie The Lorax will be compared to how society views the environment we live in, and what is sacrificed for the interest of materialism and capitalism. This children's movie was originally written by Dr. Seuss, and in March 2012 was produced into a movie. Ted is a twelve year old boy, who lives in the concrete walled city of Thneedville. A city entirely made up of artificial materials; foliage, homes and anything else in the city, even air is a commodity that is capitalized on by the Mayor, Aloysius O'Hare, who is corrupt and manipulative. Audrey, Teds love, declares that she will marry whomever finds her a real tree. So the adventure begins for Ted to find out where to find a real tree. Ted's grandmother advises him that if he wants to find out where all the tree's went, he needs to speak to the Once-ler. Ted begins his journey by going where no one else had gone before, into a barren wasteland, he travels far and beyond the city walls, where he finds an old dilapidated home. As he rings the doorbell he finds that this home has many different inventions, he is met with a shoe that kicks him off the property. Then, the Once-ler introduces himself from a top story window, but does not show his face, just his old, elbow length, green gloves, and a long white beard. Ted explains that he wants a real tree and asks the Once-ler for guidance. He is told that it was the old man's fault that there were no more real trees in the city of Thneedville.

Through different visits Ted is told the story of the young Once-ler who wanted to prosper in his life, and how he came up with the invention of a Thneed, a multi-purpose accessory that was made up of Truffula Tree. After he cut down one tree the Lorax, "Guardian of the Trees",...
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