The Lorax Ethics

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  • Published : November 22, 2008
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“The Lorax” Writing Assignment
The lorax is the voice of the trees and possibly could have been a voice of reason in the real world. It may represent the people that stood up for the issue of not destroying an ecosystem for one little thing. The Once-ler would be the business out to make money regardless what the consequences are because they only care and worry about making a profit. The Once-ler does not care about the after math, until maybe it is too late. The reason they are called these names are to conceal the real identity of who they were. It was said that this book is really about the axe cutters and how they were destroying the ecosystem but really this book can stretch to even more than just that and represent any business and the involvement of natural resources. The names were really just codenames to hide the real identity of whom the book was talking about, and they both are creatively renamed but still show some of the true meaning. The names still represent in some way the real names it was originally supposed to be about. By having to pay the Once-ler to hear the story it represents that we still have to pay to find out why it happened so we can change it and fix things or get things done right the next time. There always seems to be a price in life. It also shows that to hear the story we are about to hear, we are about to pay a consequence to learn something. Finally it may show that the business squeezes out every last penny to get what it wants regardless what it may cause. It shows the ignorance of the business and it shows that the person that wants to hear the story cares enough to do something about it to change the outcome. The trees are important because it is a natural resource and is useful to many beings. They are the profit to the business but they are the life for many other living creatures. Those trees help create an ecosystem and the business wants to destroy that ecosystem just to make a profit. The Thneed would be whatever...
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