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Lorax - Dr.Seuse Essay

The thneed impacted to the enviroment by polluting the air examples : The citizens

of Thneeville have too purchase bottles of fresh breathing air because the Once-ler

polluted the air by cutting down the Truffula trees which created less oxygen and

he also built a huge factory produced alot of smoke which also damaged the


The thneed impacted the enviroment also by damaging the ammount and just

food in general example : Due too the Once - ler cutting down the Truffula trees

the Bar-Ba-loots couldn't eat any more of the Truffula tree fruits , since the forest

was full of Truffala trees and the way the Once-ler cut the trees awkward lengths

and just left the stumps they didn't take care of the grass so they could'nt even put

another Truffula tree seed too grow more.

the Once-lers journey was rough but the thneed was created in one mans vision

even though his parents manipulated him by thinking this was a good thing too do

(by cutting down the forest / Truffula trees ) , at first the Once-ler didn't relize his

vision was wrong , he believed what his family thought and since there wass so

many people purchasing the thneeds it gave him even more a reason to continue

to destroy the enviroment. As the story progresses the Once-ler starts to become

more aware of what he's doing to the beautiful some what forest , Once-ler gets

really aware when his family leaves him because the last Truffula tree is cut down

also when the Lorax gets lifted away by a bird m he eventually convinces Ted

relizeses things aren't right the way they are , Once-ler gives him the last

truffula tree seed so Ted goes too Thneedville to make the citizens understand

the main idea that things will get even worse if they ( citizens ) continue destroying

the enviroment even more by not making a change. Ted convinces the citizens

to make a change enviromentally wise and so they do and the...
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