The Longevity Code

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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The Longevity Code Essay

Longevity is everyone wants. Dr.Zorba paster did some research about longevity and wrote a article. The article puts forward that good health is composed of five unique spheres of wellness:the physical, the mental, the family and social, the spiritual and the material. If someone who has balanced the five spheres of wellness, he or she can have longevity and great lives. The first unique sphere is about physical. The main part of this sphere is the physical fitness. Basically, exercise can improve the physical fitness. Most adults need at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five days per week. Examples include doing housework, dancing, bicycling and walking briskly. Good health is the basis of longevity. So the sphere physical is important to having longevity. After the sphere physical, next one should be the sphere mental. The second unique sphere is about mental. It includes the mind and the mood. To keep mind active is important to have a longer life. The angry mood will make the heart beats is faster than normal. It has a negative impact on longevity. There is a famous sentence."Happiness is the best cosmetic." so having a good mood is important to slow down the aging. So the sphere mental is also important to have long lives. After the sphere mental, next one should be the sphere family and social. The third unique sphere is about family and social. The People who often got together with other people called social butterflies. This kind of people will have a long lives, because they won't feel lonely. They are less likely to have heart disease and generally live longer. So the sphere family and social is important to live longer. After the sphere family and social, next one should be the sphere spiritual. The forth unique sphere is about spiritual. The people who has religion can have long lives. Every religion has their own taboo. Examples include drinking alcohol, drinking coffee eating meat and smoking. Some...
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