The Long Telegrams Impact on the Truman Doctrine

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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pThe long Telegram and It’s impact on the Truman Doctrine

George Kennan’s long telegram had many impacts on the American foreign policy. Its influence can be seen directly through the Truman Doctrine in 1947. The Long Telegram influenced Truman’s doctrine of containment, and it opened the eyes of many Washington officials as to how dangerous the Soviets and more specifically communism was.

George Kennan’s Long Telegram was a reply as to why the Soviets weren’t supporting the World Bank and the International Money Fund. At the time, the American view of the Soviet was friendly, yet cautious because the Soviets had been allied with the US in WWII.  The long telegram, which wasreleased to the public in 1947, basically created the foundation on which the Cold War stood from the US’ point of view. By claiming that the Soviets were completely against capitalism, would side with Marxists, and separated from reality, Kennan set up a standard system of beliefs that the US would follow throughout the Cold War, and even gave ideas as to how to combat the Soviets if need be. The Long Telegram gave the US clear reason to consider war with Russia inevitable. It fostered further fear in America of the Soviets by talking about how Russia couldn’t be trusted and great lengths should be taken to ensure the absence of Soviets and their influence in America.


The Truman Doctrine was a contribution made to foreign policy by Harry Truman in 1947, after the Long Telegram had come into being. Truman declared, kind of like Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy, that it was the US’ duty to spread democracy and battle communism. Truman asked Congress to send aid to Greece and Turkey. After being ravaged by Germany in WWII, Greece had been about to lose aid from Great Britain; Turkey had also depended greatly on the help of the US and Britain. The US would have been in danger of losing power over the Soviets and in Europe and Asia had Russia gained the two countries. This proves that what...
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