The Lone Ranger

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  • Published : May 17, 2006
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The Lone Ranger


The narrator of the story is a Native American man, who works at a high school exchange programme. He lives in solitude among strangers trying to find an identity fitting both the Indian and the white society. His dreams take him back to a battlefield where Indians and whites are fighting and killing each other. But the battle doesn't stick to his dreams only, it continues in the real life as well. One of the things that reflects this is his relationship to his white girlfriend from Seattle. This battle is neither violent nor bloody, and the weapons are replaced with harsh, painful words, but sometimes a hateful word can hurt more then a punch in the stomach. Although he loves his girlfriend and vice versa, they can't live together without fighting and arguing. It's probably because they grew up with different background and values. He is full of anger towards whites, because he discovered that things similar to what he saw in his dreams had really happened in the past. "I've read similar accounts of that kind of evil in the old West". Maybe that's why he vents his rage on his girlfriend, and the fight between Indians and whites becomes a fight between him and her. It seems like the historical persecution of the Indians is affecting their relationship, although it's something that has happened more than a century ago, and none of them have participated in the persecution nor been persecuted. Conversely, his girlfriend doesn't feel hate and anger, but has prejudice towards Indians, which can be seen in the statement: "You're just like your brother", she'd yell. "Drunk all the time and stupid" In my eyes with this statement she applies to the Indian race as whole, not just the brother. That's why the narrator feels so offended and hurt. Sometimes he used to drive in his car all night, so he could be away from his girlfriend. He kind of feels trapped in their apartment, and the open roads give him some kind of freedom or space to breathe....
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