The London Dungeon, Hadrian's Wall - Mix Tenses, Active X Passive

Topics: Roman Empire, Hadrian's Wall, Hadrian Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: December 5, 2011
The London Dungeon
Fill the gaps with the correct tenses.
1. The London Dungeon (lie) __________ in the oldest part of London - in an old subterranean prison (that's what the word Dungeon (stand) __________ for). 2. The museum (take) __________ its visitors on a journey through England's bloody history. 3. It (demonstrate) __________ the brutal killings and tortures of the past. 4. You (experience / can) __________ for example how people (die) __________ on the Gallow or during the Plague of 1665. 5. The Dungeon also (show) __________ scenes of Jack the Ripper or the beheading of Anne Boleyn, who (be) __________ one of Henry VIII’s six wives. 6. The atmosphere at the Dungeon (be) __________ really scary - nothing for the faint-hearted. 7. While you (walk) __________ around the Dungeon, watch out for creepy creatures - the Dungeon (employ) __________ actors to give its visitors the fright of their lives. 8. The actors, dressed as monsters, ghosts or executers, (hide) __________ in the dark corners of the Dungeon and then suddenly (jump) __________ out and (grab) __________ one of the visitors. 9. And the horror (end / not) __________ at the exit of the exhibition. 10. (you / eat / ever) __________ a pizza with fingers and eyeballs on it? 11. Well, if you (fancy) __________ that kind of food, you (love) __________ the meals at the Dungeon restaurant. 12. The museum (want) __________ to provoke, shock, educate and delight. 13. And this it (do) __________ extremely well.

14. Since its opening in 1975, the Dungeon (attract) __________ many visitors from all over the world. 15. Besides the regular opening hours, the Dungeon sometimes also (open) __________ at night. 16. If you (have) __________ enough money and nerves of steel, you (book / can) __________ the Dungeon for parties, conferences or charity events at night. 17. And on 31 October, a frightfully good Halloween Party (take place) __________...
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