The Little Prince

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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The Little Prince
The novel The Little Prince is a fictional novel written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In the story the author contrasts the two different worlds of adults and children. In the first chapter, the speaker makes a sharp contrast between the ways in which grown-ups and children view the world. He shows grown-ups as unimaginative, superficial, dull, and stubbornly sure that their restricted perspective is the only one. He illustrates children, on the other hand, as open-minded, imaginative, and aware of and sensitive to the little things of the world. These contrasts between children and adults contribute to the importance of isolation and the little things in life.

The writer stresses, throughout the story, that loneliness is what isolates the adults instead of children because they cannot see things with their hearts, minds, and imagination. Both the little prince and the narrator lead lonely lives because of this isolation because of the differences between the minds of children and adults. For example, in the novel the narrator says, “So I lived my life alone, without anyone that I could really talk to” (3), before his plane crashes in the Sahara desert. This shows that even with people around the narrator felt excluded from others. This further shows that the adults create isolation of the speaker making more contrast between the two. In addition in the novel it says, “‘Where are the people?’ resumed the little prince at last. ‘It’s a little lonely in the desert…’ ‘It is lonely when you’re among people, too,’ said the snake” (51). This proves that the little prince and the snake see the isolation occurring. This further proves there is loneliness from grown-ups that the prince notices also. Therefore the children feel that there is such a contrast between them and the adults that they feel alone.

In the novel the author makes many a contrast between grown-ups and kids and how they see the world, children think of the small parts but adults...
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