The Little Foxes, the Use of Non-Verbal Action

Topics: Middle class, English-language films, Safe deposit box Pages: 2 (937 words) Published: December 12, 2012
In the movie The Little Foxes the director uses non-verbal action and other film direction to convey the situation. Some examples in the movie are when Birdie plays the piano while the Hubbard fidget, Regina contemplate her photograph and her image in a mirror and Betty Davis lets Horace crawl up the stairs.

In the movie The Little Foxes the use of non-verbal action and other film direction help to reveal more of the characters. In the scene when Birdie plays the piano while the Hubbards fidget. This shows that the Hubbards are immature and are not upper class but middle class people. The Hubbards are meeting with an upper class man looking to build a cotton mill in the town to bring the town more money. The Hubbards are looking to invest in the mill to make money and become upper class. The Hubbards are middle class and married into the upper class. They do not have the attitude of the upper class. One can see this during when Birdie is playing the piano and the Hubbards are fidgeting around. The Hubbards are playing around while the man who came to build the mill is sitting peacefully and listening to the song being played. When Regina contemplate her photograph she looks a little sad. Just a few second before Regina was talking about how she was young and beautiful. She was talking with her family that when she losing all of her looks but will have the money when the mill comes to town. Regina will lose all of looks as she grows old but thinks everything will be better when she gets to be an upper class person. As Regina is looking at the picture she realizes that when her looks goes away and if she does not get the money from the mill she will have nothing left. Regina also wants the money not only for her but also for her daughter Alexandra because Regina wants her daughter to be an upper class person for when her looks goes away. During the movie Oscar and Leo Hubbard make a plan to steal bonds from Horace’s safety deposit box. Leo works at the bank that...
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