The Little Convent Girl vs Sister Josepha

Topics: Conclusion, Apostrophe, United States Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: October 6, 2011
In "The Little Convent Girl", the girl was forced to become an adult at a young age, not knowing who she was, and not being able to decide on her own. The girl was forced to join the convent at a young age when knowing yourself is impossible. She was unable to grow and learn from mistakes. In the text, the little convent girl did not show much emotion and give many opinions. The only idea to grasp about her is from the interactions with the people on the ship. The narrator gives a description of the little convent girl but from just that, there is no conclusion how she felt with her life. We can only draw conclusions that she was not comfortable with herself because of her shy, scared ways. We also know that her father passed away and hasn't seen her mother in many years. Being away from any parent  can be very troublesome for a child. They have no one to learn from or lean on when upset. The little convent girl was too young to realize the importunateness of becoming your own woman.   

Unlike the little convent girl, "Sister Josepha" story gave us more an understanding of whom she was, and whom she would like to be. Sister Josepha was clearly very unhappy. In this one quote, it is very direct how she feels. "it is wicked and sinful, I know, but I am so tired. I can't be happy and sing anymore. It doesn't seem right for le bon Dieu to have me all cooped up here with nothing to see but stray visitors, and always the same old work, teaching those mean little girls to sew, and washing and filling the same old lamps. Pah!" When Sister Josepha said this, it gave us a clear understanding of how she felt. She was very open about her feelings. She obviously does not enjoy her life and would like to become someone new, and enjoy the world that God has given her. That's why when she said doesn't seem right for the good Lord, she feels that her work is not good for him, and that she needs to do something else to make God happy. Sister Josepha then became in love and grew...
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