The Little Chinese Seamstress: Effects of the French Novels

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Books might not seem like a big factor in today’s society, but they can play a big role on the change of how someone perceives one another’s life. One of the main ideas in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is how the French Novels affect Ma, Luo, the village tailor and the Little Chinese Seamstress. Before Ma and Luo find these books they live in a normal everyday life like the rest of the people living in their village. While Living in this enclosed environment it’s hard to resist not finding out what is going on in the rest of the world. This is why these books can have such a big effect on who ever acquire them. With Ma and Luo finding interest in these they knew they had to get them from Four-Eyes a boy that works on a rice field in their village. These French novels that Four-Eyes has can play a big role on whoever obtains them, well see how it effects Ma, Luo, the tailor, the LCS and the people around them for the better or worse.

Ma and Luo have started to do chores for Four-Eyes to gain some of the books. After reading a couple of the novels the boys loved them so much they had to find more. The plan to steal Four-Eyes’ books popped into the boys’ heads at Four-Eyes’ going away party, they knew this was the perfect time to get the novels before he leaves. After stealing the books they didn’t think that they would have much of an effect on them, they just found them interesting since they never get to follow anything outside of their own culture. When Ma and Luo start to read the French Novels they start to change a little; they seem to have more of a rebellious attitude now that they are breaking the law by reading these foreign books. Eventually they become hooked on reading these books, they start reading them whenever possible. Some nights the boys would stay up all night reading these books since they were so fixed with them. The two boys also seem to take more risks as well as disobeying the village rules. This might be how/why this...
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