The Little Black Dress

Topics: Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Little black dress Pages: 2 (909 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Vicky is 23-years-old, a psychical training pro, teaching thin women how to keep their husbands by growing cadaverous and she is married to Fergus. Vicky and Fergus married during her last year at college, which means she married young. Vicky often mentions her life before Fergus, as if it is like she is not happy with him. It is not because they argue or fight a lot, because she mentions that Fergus is faultless. He is calm, a world saver, down to earth which properly is what annoys Vicky because before her marriage with Fergus, Vicky was full of life. She did not care for might happen if she bought more than one pair of shoes. She also smoked weed, listened to Bob Marley and Bob Dylan which you can combine with the 1960’s. The 60’s was a time full of life, optimism and many colors. With Fergus she is a whole other person than her normal self. The name Fergus means virility which fits perfectly to Fergus as Vicky recalls the early days of their relationship, that she felt protected by Fergus, “.. his beard were an umbrella on a rainy day, a parasol in the sun, his shoulder a shelter in the storm.” Fergus knows what he wants in life. He likes to protect and save the world and that must be what Vicky felt in love with in the beginning. With time she properly found out that he also likes to be the dominated in the relationship by the way he sort of controls Vicky by telling her what to do and how to live life. As Victoria comes from the word “victory”, she sees herself as being impulsive, independent and bold. But with Fergus she is reserved and submissive which means she is nothing like herself. Vicky’s life changes completely when she walks by a shop and sees a mannequin wearing “the little black dress”. Vicky admires the dress but then she notices the mannequin. She gets totally fascinated by it as it looks so awfully real. Not only with that, it looks just like her. Fergus leaves to Geneva so Vicky is left alone. She goes back to the snobby shop to try the...
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