The Lion King Visual Techniques

Topics: The Lion King, Life, Real life Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: July 25, 2011
For this essay I chose to go down the path of the Bildungsroman genre of the movie which means ‘coming of age’. This is the genre of the movie which focuses on the psychological, physical and moral growth of the protagonist from youth through to adulthood, both the physical and psychological change of the protagonist is vital within the movie because it shows their personal development. During the opening scene the animals from all over the land are shown to be rushing towards the Pride lands towards the royal family of Lions which gives the scene a sense of excitement and leaves the viewers wondering what will happen next. Shortly after all of the animals arrive they place themselves in a semi-circle shape around the Pride rock to welcome Mufasa’s new born cub Simba into the world. Which is over exaggerated as it would not happen in real life which gives the moment more significance to the viewer. Also the composer played the song ‘the circle of life’ during the ceremony which symbolizes the animal’s actions and what the ceremony actually is. With the use of all of these techniques the opening scene made a statement to the audience and showed the birth of the protagonist which brings Simba and his story to life. Shortly after the opening scene Simba is shown as an immature, mischievous, risk taking lion cub that is eager to explore the lands and learn his father’s way of running the pride lands. He shows how eager he is to become king as Simba sings the song ‘can’t wait to be king’ to Simone and Pumba while out and about exploring. The protagonist used a lot of enthusiasm and excitement during his song as everything around him was bright colored which stands for happiness. This is a big part of Simba’s change and development throughout the movie as it shows his youth. Relationships are vital to self growth and development. One of Simba’s main relationships from the movie is with his father Mufasa. Mufasa being the father had a deep and masculine tone of voice...
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