The Link Between Film Industry and Fashion Photography in Bangladesh

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This research was conducted to find out the link between film industry and fashion photography in Bangladesh. Also the main concern was to find out whether development of film industry can contribute to the development of fashion photography or not.

Hence, the first task was to find out the current situation of film industry and fashion photography in Bangladesh. Though photography in Bangladesh has developed a lot in past few years but it is still under develop in the sector of fashion photography. The fashion photography sector in our country is mainly based on different fashion magazines, boutique houses, advertisement agencies.

In case of film industry, Bangladeshi movie industry is experiencing a very sharp fall in popularity in recent years. The situation is so grave that it has been claimed that, about 1 million people connected with the film industry are now reportedly under threat of losing their source of livelihood.

The next task was to find out the weakening link between fashion photography and film industry and to find out whether the underdeveloped film industry is hindering the growth of fashion photography or not. On this occasion, the query was solved by preparing a questionnaire and by distributing it to various individuals related to fashion photography. In some other words, opinions were collected from participants to find out the link. Also interviews were conducted with two professional photographers about their opinion on this subject matter


The thesis statement of my research is- The underdeveloped film industry is the key factor which retards the possible growth of fashion photography in Bangladesh.

The word fashion portraits a glamour world in our mind. Now a day’s number of fashion magazines has increased tremendously. Even beauty saloons have their own fashion magazines. This increased number of fashion magazines made me curious to find the actual situation behind those glamorous pictures in those glossy magazine pages.

Despite of the day by day development in photography sector, and world wide recognition of some famous Bangladeshi Photographers, fashion photography in Bangladesh is still passing its early childhood. The major hindrances which are holding back the development of this particular genre of photography includes lack of fashion consciousness among the vast population of a third world country, which in fact is acceptable. Yet, if we compare this situation with our neighboring country like India, they hold a far more strong position among the world leaders in this sector, despite having a weak financial infrastructure more or less like our country.

How they could possibly achieve a strong hold in fashion photography, one might wonder.

The answer lies beneath their progress in the movie sector with their overwhelming .Viewers from all over the world. A much developed film industry is proved to be really advantageous for the development of fashion photography in this case. In order to reach remote audience, film industry needs advertisements, trailers, promotional publications, media coverage and stuffs like that. For all these reasons film industry depends a great deal upon fashion photography to make promotional activities a way more lucrative.

On the other hand, in Bangladesh, fashion photography is still based on a few number of boutique houses, most of which are established in these recent years. Film industry could be a major support, upon which fashion photography of Bangladesh could have grown.

But shockingly, Bangladesh is way too much underdeveloped in movie sector with a decreasing number of audience, and closing down of numerous movie theaters.

In my research I wanted to find out the present situation of fashion and film industry in Bangladesh. And I also tried to find out how far fashion industry can grow in Bangladesh.


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