The Lincoln Movie

Topics: United States, Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The movie Lincoln is a historical film that produced based on the final chapters of America’s famous former president Abraham Lincoln. The movie describes some of the challenges that Abraham Lincoln passed through during his era as the President of the United States of America. The movie focused on the obstacles that his administration went through while trying to put some social vices such as slavery to an end.

Lincoln, who had just been reelected during the period that the civil war was still on, was trying to make certain that the 13th amendment was successfully passed. With the help of his secretary of state, William Seward, he tries to abolish slavery which didn’t end up to be an easy ride. He talks about a dream he had, which was interpreted by his Wife. Fernando Wood, the Mayor of New York was the main character who was against the success of the 13th amendment, but they were bent on having the law passed even if it meant bribing 20 democratic delegates to achieve that.

Robert Lincoln’s son decides to join the army which was to the utmost disagreement of his father. Trying to show his son what could be of him if he did join the army, Lincoln takes his son to the hospital where he sees amputated limbs and throws up though he discouraged from joining the army. He eventually is allowed to join by his father.

During a cabinet meeting, Wood tells Steve that he was basically interested in giving blacks the right to vote in order to be equal to whites. But he defends himself that it was nothing rather that property. During the proceeding, where the law would be passed, a group of African-Americans were allowed to listen to the proceeding. The bill was passed.

Lincoln is shown siting with his wife, he dreams of going to Jerusalem and meeting David and Solomon. It was that same evening that Abraham Isaac Lincoln dies. It was declared that he got shot.
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