The Lightning Thief

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Karlie Campbell
Critical Analysis: The Lightning Thief
From fighting Minotaur’s to battling Hades in Hell; Percy Jackson is not the average teenage boy. Percy does not know what he truly is until a series of unfortunate events happen and it forces him to realize what he has to do to save the world. He does not face these troubles by himself though, Grover and Annabelle are not only his friends but they are there to help him face the battles along the way of saving the world and clearing his title of being “the lightning thief”.

Percy Jackson is living a normal life until one day on a fieldtrip to the museum his substitute Mrs. Dodds decides to pull him aside, take him into another room and attack him to get the lightning bolt from him. Although Percy is scared he stays strong and stands up for himself. When Percy finds out who he is, he is confused and does not understand why these things are happening to him. As soon as he understands what is going on he sets out on a journey to clear his name, save the one’s he loves, and save the world before major fights break out between the Gods. The battles Percy faces are difficult but he keeps his head up and does not give up on anything.

Even though Percy is strong, brave, and smart he could not have made it through the journey without his sidekicks, friends Grover and Annabelle. Grover has always been there for Percy to protect and guide him even before Percy knew who he was and he was not going to give up now that Percy was a target for all the Gods. Grover gives up so much for Percy, especially when they are facing Hades. Percy only had three pearls to save three people and Grover stayed in Hell so Percy, Annabelle, and Percy’s mom could be safe. Annabelle does not Seem to be a fan of Percy but she does not want to see him get hurt so she joins him on his journey. Annabelle goes up against many creatures and she does...
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