The Life Story of Adolf Hitler

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Julian De Leon
English 2 Pre-AP
Adolf Hitler
German dictator Adolf Hitler was always thought of a person to always resort to violence due to the amount of power he had over so many people. He had superb leadership and speaking skills that captured the minds of many. Despite of all his violent nature, he did learn to accept peace and attempt neutralism with other European countries. (“Adolf Hitler” 1)

Born in on April 20th, 1889, Adolf Hitler was born in the small town of Branau, Switzerland. Adolf grew up with four other siblings and his mother Klara and Alois Hitler in poverty; however, only Adolf and his younger sister Paula survived long enough to reach adulthood. Alois had high expectations of his son Adolf and his expectations were quite often met throughout primary school. Though, that did change throughout secondary school since he began to lose the ambition that he had. He was no longer admired by others and the influence of his teacher and father seemed to not have much of an effect. Once Hitler began to take interest in art, his father grew less ambitious about him. At age thirteen, Adolf’s father died. At age fifteen, Adolf left school and moved to Vienna at age eighteen to become an art student at Vienna Academy of Art. He was not admitted and tried again at Vienna School of Architecture. Again, he was not admitted due to the lack of a secondary school certificate. His mother, completely unaware of Adolf’s rejection, died in 1907. (Bullock A., Bullock B., Wilfred, and John 1)

Adolf was initially supposed to begin his service in the military in 1909 but ignored all of the call-up papers for about four years. When World War I began, he was more than eager to begin his service there. He loved the idea of proving his country to be greater than other European countries. Hitler was a dispatch-runner which involved being on the front line quite often. He had no problem with it since it proved his leadership skills to others and...
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