The Life of a Special Education Teacher

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Checkpoint: The life of a Special Education Teacher

Special Education teachers are faced with a wide range of students with different levels of disabilities. It can be levels Autism and Emotional Behavior disorders. There could be language/speech impairments and social deficiencies. Teaching students with a disability can be a challenge, so in the reading it showed that the teacher Pam had no experience at all but she was willing to learn all she needs to know on how to work with students with a disability and what it takes to meet their needs. What was required of a Special Education teacher is to do an IEP’s on each student but it was hard for her to do that with all the different people in and out of her class throughout the day and it became stressful for her. In the video the teacher were more experience with working with students with a disability because she talked about her student that have sensory impairments. The video teacher was more experience with working with students that have a disability and the teacher in the reading had no experience at all but knew that this was what she wanted to do because she wanted that challenge. The video talked about how a little accomplishment is better than none at all. Doing hands-on activities can bring on some of these accomplishments. Not giving up is the greatest accomplishment that each student and teacher can accomplish.


Rosenberg, M., Westling, D., & McLesky, J., 92007).Special Education for Today’s Teachers: An Introduction, Pearson Education. Student to students: Classroom- severe and sensory video. Retrieved from
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