The Life of a Soldier

Topics: Kill, English-language films, Humans Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: November 14, 2010
The life of a soldier
After long hours and days of hard training to get to where soldiers are now they have to be in such great shape and every single day their life is on the line, but one day with one mistake there life is now over. “In The Sniper”, by Liam O’ Flaherty, the theme is War has the potential to destroy ones humanity. War destroys humans in many ways, like soldiers getting hurt for the rest of their lives, injured for a long period of time or even worse killed. In some cases you can kill family members without even knowing it. In the sniper at the end of the story it says “Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother’s face”. War can also make people go crazy about everything especially mentally or it causes the human to be absolutely mad. In the Sniper it says “The arm bent easily. He ground his teeth to overcome the pain”. Now that’s just plain crazy and creepy. It causes people to be scared and fear many people around them including family. It also causes people to shoot people for no good reason, like when the sniper kills the grandma because she pointed at him. Also the story is just crazy how the sniper gets shot and acts like it doesn’t even hurt at all. Soldiers risk their lives daily for us only people with a big and strong heart could possibly fight for our county. War does have the potential to destroy ones humanity.
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