The Life of a Rock Star

Topics: Psychology, Cognitive dissonance, Cognition Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: February 10, 2013
In the movie called “The Experiment”, a group of men are called to participate in a study wherein they take on the roles of prisoners and guards. The two most notable participants are the characters played by Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker. They are assigned to prisoner and guard, respectively. Over the course of the time they spend together, many things happen between the men. The most notable thing observed in the movie is the aggression between the prisoners and guards. Violent incidents occur such as rape scenes, beatings and even the death of two participants in the experiment. In the end, the prisoners rebel against the guards and the experiment finally comes to an end. Charges are made against the propagator of the experiment – Dr. Archuleta. The participants agree to testify in court as a result of all the damages they suffered. The scene that struck me the most was the part when things began to get out of hand. Forest Whitaker’s character, at the start of the movie, was a calm and gentle man. It disturbed me to see him really change during the experiment – partly because it scared me to think that good people could be like that. It made me think that human nature , and rights and wrongs, could be subjective for some people. All the scenes wherein his character acted violently and rashly affected me. It also made me think that since his character was submissive at the start (especially to his mother), he liked being in charge in the experiment. He liked power. It gave me the idea that power is really something that changes people. What makes us different from animals is that we have morality. However, I did not even get a glimpse of this during the movie. When I was watching the movie, it made me remember the saying “survival of the fittest”. It was just very hard to watch. The learnings from social psychology that could be applied in this film are on behavior and attitudes, impression management , cognitive dissonance and most importantly,...
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