The Life of a Pregnant College Student

Topics: University, Pregnancy, Student Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: November 30, 2011
The Life
Of a
Pregnant College Student

A college student's life is very rewarding and manageable. But a pregnant college student is demanding and overwhelming. Many people would believe they are the same. Some things a regular student would do, a pregnant woman couldn't. Staying up all night is just one of the many examples a pregnant student couldn't do. Classes, professors, and the baby are seen under a different light when pregnant. When one is pregnant, they have to make sure they are attending classes. When doctor appointments come up, missing class won't hurt as much. Follow up and make sure you haven't missed anything. Sometimes keeping up in class can be very hard. There are many distractions. You're tired, the seats are uncomfortable, and your peers are starting to irritate you with the off subject conversations. Everything is starting to bother you. Also you have to go the bathroom more than usual which is causing you to miss out on what is said. Makes you just want to cry. Some professors can be considerate and some are just that, a professor. Your teacher expects you to get your work in on time just like the other students. Pregnant students have to make sure at all times the professor knows what's going on with them so that he or she doesn't think she is slacking. Sometimes being sick causes the student to miss out on class. That’s why it is important to schedule meetings, let them know ahead of time, and ask questions if you feel you are going to fall behind. Sometimes professors expect more out of someone pregnant. The mother has to remember to take her vitamins, eat right, and get rest on top of doing homework. She also has to remember she is no longer a regular student. So some people will treat her differently. Treatment can be good or bad. Having the doors opened is one of many good treatments. Not being asked to hang out is not a bad thing, even though she may feel that way. Staying up all night can take a toile on...
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