The Life of a Fish

The Life of a Fish, Past, Present and Future
Jamie Fish Ledford
PSY 202
February 24, 2011
Jaclyn Scott

The Life of a Fish, Past, Present and Future

During my life, it’s been 34 years and through my life’s journey I have never had to write a paper about my life. I had never really had a plan for my life as a growing adult. In my paper I will try to describe a few of my life experiences in representation to adult development theories from this class. I will also discuss my goals and future achievements I plan to achieve as my life progress. I was born Jamie Lynn Fish on September 18, 1976, to Marlene and Ronald Fish in a hospital in Rutherfordton County. Just three months later my parents separated going there separate ways. I am the third of five of my father’s children. I was very young when my parents divorced and even then I knew we were dysfunctional. As a child my earliest memories were that we were very poor. My mother struggled to feed all of us, as a single mother of 3 children. We were never stable, moving around a lot. One of my funniest memories is when my sister and I lived in Michigan. We stayed in a big white house with 5 bedrooms one bathroom. Living in this huge with house were 2 adults and 5 children sharing one bathroom. When you had to go to the bathroom and someone else was in there, you had to go to the attic with the kitchen pot. Michigan has about 7 months of winter, we always had to dress like Eskimos to go outside and play. I remember the bottoms of them flipped down so you didn’t have to get naked to pee. The jobs I have had a wide variety of jobs in my life time. My first job was at Clints fast food, as a fast food worker. I also have worked for Alpha Mailing Service, as a machine operator. We also stuffed newspaper for the local Shelby Star, with coupons and other ads. My most enjoyable job was working for Harris Teeter, my friends and I that worked there gave it a nickname Harry Peter as a joke. I loved meeting new people and...
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