The Life of a Crime Scene Investigator

Topics: Forensic science, Wage, Forensic pathology Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: November 2, 2012
The Life of a Crime Scene Investigator
Isabella McCarty Williams
Everest University Online (Orlando Campus)

The Life of a Crime Scene Investigator

The career I have chosen is a Crime Scene Investigator known as a CSI. In this research paper we will discuss the job details, salary, and the guidelines on collecting evidence. It is important that I cover these things to explain the importance of this career. Hope you enjoy the mind-bending information provided.

Hi everyone, I am studying to be a Crime Scene Investigator (a.k.a. CSI). When working in the criminal investigation field, there are certain things you must know or learn. It takes years of training and schooling to be a CSI when you think you are done, your wrong. CSI’s are constantly going back to school and going through more training just to keep their license. That’s enough about that right now. I wish you luck for you are in a world full of surprises!

We will first be discussing the job details of a Crime Scene Investigator. A CSI works in an office of their job assignment Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm for 8 hours of fun and exciting tasks. What I found to be interesting was a CSI must “successfully complete a minimum of 720 hours of training in crime scene processing, with a minimum of 80 hours of training in latent fingerprint processing, 40 hours in major death investigation, 40 hours in advanced death investigations, 40 hours in photography, 40 hours in blood spatter interpretation, and other training courses in arson investigation and forensic pathology. In addition, the crime scene investigator must be certified by the International Association for Identification, Crime Scene Certification Board, within 18 months as a crime scene investigator.” (N.A., Crime Scene Investigator Job Details, N.A.) Also as a CSI you must obtain contact with the law enforcement officials at all levels, state and federal...
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