The Life of a Chinese Farmer

Topics: Meat, Beijing, Agriculture Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Contemporary World Culture Project Part I
Instructor: Sally Franco
Ashley Guioa
February 5, 2013

The year is 2006, my name is Ashley, and I am a Chinese farmer who lives in the North China Plain with my husband and three children aged newborn, six, and eleven years old. We are located about ninety miles from Beijing in which we commute to by means of a fast train when needed. The North China Plain is known as “China’s Breadbasket” because it contains sixty-five percent of its farmland. My family and I have six acres of land for our farming income and livelihood. Three acres are used for rice harvesting and the other three acres are used for the growth of vegetables for sale including cucumbers, peppers, and cabbage. Also owned on the farm are three pigs at the moment, as well as additional vegetables that are produced for the family’s personal consumption. This lowers the cost of having to buy groceries from the local market. Along with income, the farm is used as our personal food supply as well, with limit of course to only what is needed. This year, our rice crop yielded over 2,000 kilos of grain, earning the family 2,800 Yuan at a rate of 140 Yuan per 100 kilos. However, the majority of this income was spent on pesticides, fertilizer, and paying for the much needed part-time workers who assisted the family with planting and harvesting the crops. Since so much of the income from the vegetables and rice go toward the expense of maintaining the farm, my family and I do live in poverty with very limited money to spend on shoes, clothing, and other necessities other than the food and utilities for survival. Being that money is scarce and we can’t afford the electronics and other types of technology that most people in the world have for entertainment, for fun we attend live operas, musical shows, acrobatic arts shows, etc. These shows consist of entertainment through our own town people who perform musical events, dancing, magician acts, etc. in colorful...
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