The Life of Susan Yen Liang

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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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The Life Of Susan Yen Liang
I was born on November 25th, 1941 in Tian Jin, China. I was the last child to be born to the Yen family and the second to be born to Jeanne Prosperi and Joseph Yen. I had one brother, Franklin, three half-brothers, Gregory, James, and Edgar, and two half-sisters, Adeline and Lydia. I loved being the youngest in the family, adored by everyone. When I was about three months old, Father and Mother, along with my other siblings, moved to Shanghai. Aunt Baba and I stayed behind. Without Mother around, the atmosphere was peaceful. I didn’t miss her at all; instead, I enjoyed all the attention Aunt Baba gave me. When we finally had to pack up and leave, I felt as if Aunt Baba had become my mother. I hadn’t seen Mother for ages and I hardly even remembered her. The day we arrived in Shanghai was the day I first hated my mother. Since I had last seen everyone, I had grown into a cute toddler with black hair and large eyes. When Aunt Baba and I arrived in our Shanghai home, I rushed around the living room, very excited. The reunion went quite well until Mother attempted to pick me up. The way her hands felt around me was shockingly hostile and I was scared, it felt as if a stranger was picking me up. I screamed for my aunt. I could see Mother’s face turn red with anger. She dropped me on the couch and started to beat me. I cried and screamed but she didn’t stop. Suddenly, I heard, “Don’t beat her anymore! She’s only a baby.” Mother turned around fiercely and glared at the timid little girl standing in the corner. Through my teary eyes, I recognized Adeline. Mother stared hard at Adeline, preparing to yell. Aunt Baba lifted me up and took me away. Although that day was many years ago, I still remember it very well. That was the day the bridge of hate between my mother and I emerged. Mother openly adored Franklin. As I grew older and older, this became more obvious. Although both Franklin and I were her blood-related children, we were treated...
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