The Life of Pi

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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The Life of Pi
Within The of Pi, Pi is propelled into an unparallel, irrational situation in which he begins to take action to defy the obvious prospect of death, his acceptance of reality and clear minded intuition save his very life. The body’s need to survive can overcome nearly any prior weaknesses. This instinct can transform a strict vegetarian into a turtle butchering, blood sucking, cold blooded killer. In the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel, a sixteen year old boy was trapped in a 26 foot life boat with a 450 pound Bengal tiger. His story begins when Pi was tossed overboard onto a lifeboat as the Tsimtsum, the ship carrying his family and many zoo animals, sank into the murky depths of the Pacific. Before this tragic disaster Pi was a perfectly harmless vegetarian, but after having only Richard Parker, the infinitely famished tiger, as a companion he had an incredible change of heart. His survival instinct kicked in and he was forced to make the grave decision to leave his vegetarian life behind along with his false hope that his family had survived this tragic accident. Trapped in a lifeboat with an unimaginable predator can be the one unifying force powerful enough to insure survival. Pi was trapped with a ferocious beast, one that would expand his fear to a level so great that survival was guaranteed. When Pi found himself alone in the lifeboat with Richard Parker, he abandoned his hope and began to think clearly. He assessed his situation with a clear head and decided to take care of his short term needs rather than long term goals. “To cope with a hyena seemed remotely possible, but I was so obviously outmatched by Richard Parker that it wasn’t even worth worrying about. With a tiger aboard, my life was over. That being settled, why not do something about my parched throat?” (135), this was Pi in the process of giving up blind hope. In a way, being pessimistic temporarily did do quite a bit of good because, in this case, Pi couldn’t hope and be a...
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