The Life of Phineas Gage

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Phineas Gage Paper
Phineas Gage was an intelligent, efficient, well-balanced, and successful well liked American businessman that worked for a railroad company as a railroad construction supervisor of a crew. He is probably the most famous patient who has survived serious damage to the brain. Gage was born around July 9, 1823 in Grafton Co, New Hampshire. He is known for his personality change after brain damage occurred from an accident that he had. He was working on a mountain blasting rocks to build a railroad. He would have to drill a hole, put some blasting powder into the hole, put sand over it, and hit it was a tamping iron. On September 13, 1848 at the age of 25, he, and his crew were working on the Rutland and Burlington Railroad by Cavendish in Vermont when the accident had happened. He had drilled the hole, put the blasting powder into the hole and for some reason he got distracted and forgot to put the sand over the blasting powder and he went to hit it with the tamping iron and the tamping iron blasted right through his head. It went in right under the left cheek bone and came out through the top of his head. A few minutes later he got up and walked to a cart that took him to his home to wait for the doctor to come see him. When he got home he stood up and threw up, and some of his brain came out of his head and landed on the floor. It was not known if Gage lost consciousness, but he could walk and talk within minutes of the accident. The doctor cleaned him up and removed small pieces of bone fragments and repaired some bigger parts of the skull broken from the tamping iron. The wounds were not treated with surgery; they were left open to drain. Dr John Martin Harlow was the doctor that seen him and he said that the tamping iron was found about 30 yards from the accident, and it was smeared with his blood and brains all over it. The tamping iron was almost four inches in length, and it weighed more than six kg. A couple of years later he...
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